3 features in the Natural Cycles app that will help you track your health.

Making better decisions around health and well-being is a worthy goal, and Natural Cycles is here to help. Whether you have used Natural Cycles for a while, or you want to get started now, there are always helpful tips to learn about fertility and your body.

Besides knowing your most fertile days, with the Natural Cycles app you will learn what is normal for your body. What’s more, if something seems off, you will know if it requires professional help. Below are 3 features in the Natural Cycles app that might help you tracking your health.


1. Length of your period.  

On average, periods last 3-5 days, but everything from 2-7 is normal. 

When tracking your fertility you will know how long your period is on average and see if it gets shorter or longer than usual. Irregularities may for example indicate a hormone or thyroid issue, or other health conditions which you might need to take precautions for. 

2. You will know exactly how regular or irregular your cycles are.

Knowing your menstrual cycle can help you not only know how you feel and what to expect through the different phases, but also help you diagnose and or manage conditions like PCOS or endometriosis. 



And if you ever want to plan a pregnancy – you can easily switch to the Plan a Pregnancy mode.




3. Natural Cycles notifies you when it’s time to do a breast self-examination.

The best time to do the breast self-examination is after your period, and before ovulation when the progesterone levels are the lowest. Since you know where in your cycle you are, Natural Cycles will remind you by sending you a message to do the exam.


Make 2017 your healthiest year yet, by making small changes. A small habit of measuring your temperature and entering it in the Natural Cycles app can make a big change. Start today!