Meet a Cycler – Mariví

This month we have done something different. We had the chance to interview a Cycler!  Watch the full story about Mariví where she explains why she uses Natural Cycles and what she likes the most about it.

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Vi välkomnar Blondinbella till NaturalCycles

Vi välkomnar Isabella Löwengrip (Blondinbella) till NaturalCycles. Sveriges största bloggare använder NaturalCycles som preventivmedel. Aldrig mer p-piller!

Igår skrev Blondinbella på sin blogg att hon använder NaturalCycles som preventivmedel. Eftersom hon inte vill ta hormoner eller sätta in en spiral så har hon sedan länge letat efter ett bättre alternativ.


blondinbella använder NaturalCycles

Blondinbella skriver om att hon använder NaturalCycles på sin blogg

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Welcoming Blondinbella to NaturalCycles!

Let’s welcome Isabella Löwengrip – also known as Blondinbella – to NaturalCycles. Sweden’s biggest blogger  decided to become a NaturalCycles user to prevent pregnancies.
Blondinbella - NaturalCycles

Blondinbella joins NaturalCycles to prevent pregnancies

Today, Blondinbella announced on her blog that she is using NaturalCycles to prevent pregnancies. Not willing to take hormones or get a spiral, Blondinbella has been looking for a long time for a suitable alternative.

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