Last important meeting before baby?

This morning we had a meeting with a technology investment company here in Stockholm called Northzone.

We are not in urgent need of funding, as we are still afloat from the investment round we closed last year, but at the end of this year we are looking to close a new round. Northzone would be a cool partner for NaturalCycles, so we are starting to get to know each other.

The meeting went well and we’ll meet again at the end of June. This reminds me that we’ll have to find a nanny for future meetings that require the presence both Raoul and myself. Today might very well have been the last important meeting before baby. We do have another meeting with our future business partner on Thursday afternoon, but there’s quite a risk that I won’t make it to that one. I hope it will not coincide completely with the birth, because then Raoul will not make it either. Well, well, we’ll just have to take things as they come in the next few days.

Meeting - NaturalCycles

International women’s day


I thought I’d share some pictures with you from the Women in Tech 2014 event that took place on Saturday.

My pitch went well and I got the whole audience to laugh talking about contraception and planning pregnancies with my 8 month pregnant belly. I guess there’s no way of hiding it anymore. Seeing these pictures I’m not sure a dress is the best thing to wear while very pregnant. I chose a dress since I thought it’s feminine and elegant at the same time, but since the belly is sticking out so much it becomes more like a tent underneath. With pants, at least the lower part of the body looks rather normal.

Women in Tech 2014 - NaturalCycles

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Women in tech 2014 – International women’s day

Today is the international women’s day!

NaturalCycles is therefore attending a big event here in Stockholm where I will be pitching – Women in tech 2014. It will be very exciting as great female entrepreneurs are there giving inspiring talks and I get to present our company in front of an audience of hundreds of women!

Women in tech - NaturalCycles

You can follow the event on twitter: #WIT2014

Great business meeting!

This Tuesday, NaturalCycles had a business meeting just outside Stockholm, in Kista, with an exciting potential business partner.

We discussed with them how we could work together in different ways. It went really well and they seemed enthusiastic about our ideas and also our product.

business meeting

We will meet them again for a longer meeting, about half a day, when we will go through our methodology and scientific studies to show them exactly how the algorithm behind NaturalCycles works. They will bring their own experts who will challenge us. This will be a very crucial step, but it will also be fun and exciting. We are now working on converting our long and detailed scientific paper into a shorter one, excluding the details of the algorithm that we don’t want to disclose.

Investing in Women event – Video

This video is a clip from the Investing in Women event that was held here in Stockholm in January.

Part of our pitch is included towards the end of the clip.

It’s always very embarrassing to see and hear yourself talk in a video. But I suffered through and so can you!


Pitch to an audience of women

This Monday, NaturalCycles pitched at the Investing in Women Meetup. It was very exciting since, for once, the audience consisted of 95% women. Usually when we present our start-up to a mainly male audience.

As usual Raoul and I shared the pitch 50%-50%, which I think is a nice way of doing it.

We talked about how NaturalCycles is the best natural contraception out there and then finish with our own story – how we first used NaturalCycles as contraception for 1.5 years and then posted on twitter that we’d try for a baby on our wedding anniversary, which as you all know worked very well 🙂 The response we got was very different with a female audience and they were cheering a lot during our pitch. It was really fun and encouraging!

Pitch to an audience of women - NaturalCycles

Next Tuesday we have another pitch at the Sthlm Innovators event. We are becoming good at this!

Tonight I’m off to try out pregnancy pilates for the first time. I was choosing between pregnancy yoga and pilates and I imagine pilates being a bit more of a work out. I’m used to jumping around at zumba, so the more action the better. I’m not really patient enough to just focus on my breathing for an hour. I hope the pilates will be fun and that I get to meet some other cool pregnant women here in Stockholm!

Launching in Spanish

I’ve been bad at blogging lately, but I’ve been in a good working mode. I’m now pregnant in week 12 and getting less and less tired and nauseous. I’ll tell you more about my pregnancy in another post, but honestly, I haven’t thought much about it lately since I’m now back to enjoying working many hours straight again.

Since the Swedish version of came out last week, I’ve finally had some time to work more on the app. It is almost there now, just missing the instructions and medical basics pages. I redid the way to visualize the MyCycles statistics on the app, but I also put it on the website, since it looks much nicer than just plain text. Below you can see the widgets for my personal cycle.

Spanish website - NaturalCycles

This week we also launched the website in Spanish.

Both our contraceptive method and pregnancy planning are very popular in Latin and South America so we’ve had many requests for a Spanish version. Implementing the Spanish texts made me realize how different the length of a language can be. The text in Spanish is so much longer than the English version.

Otherwise I’m getting excited about the move to Stockholm both for us privately and for our company. There are many details to think about and since we don’t know many people there it’s important that we find a good start-up office and other ways to network. We are going there next weekend to look for apartment, office space and meet potential people for joining our Stockholm team. Will be so much fun!

Entering the swiss coaching program for technology start-ups

Today we went to Bern to present NaturalCycles in front of a jury from CTI, to be accepted into their coaching program for start-ups.

CTI is the federal commission of technology and innovation and if you enter their program there is an 88% chance that your start-up is in business 5 years later. We had already met with our coach a few times, but today was the official day of coaching acceptance. Raoul gave a great presentation and we got to discuss a lot with the jury, who were giving us several difficult, but interesting, questions.

Coaching program for start-ups - NaturalCycles

After the presentation and the discussion, we had to leave the room for a while for the jury to convene. It took quite long so we got a bit nervous about whether we would make it or not, but luckily we did! As a milestone they said that we should aim to have IP check completed, and have decided on which market and business strategy to focus on, by February 2014.

Lots of fun work ahead! Afterwards we went for a nice lunch outside in sunny Bern.

Coaching program for start-ups - NaturalCycles