Third and largest prospective study carried out on Natural Cycles

Ever since the beginning of our journey, one of our missions has been to lead the way when it comes to research in women’s health by conducting clinical studies within reproductive health. Which is why we’re beyond excited to finally share the news that we have published a third study together with leading experts in Women’s Health, once again confirming Natural Cycles’ efficacy.

This study was prospective, whereby real life data on the usage of the Natural Cycles app was analysed. Having studied over 22’785 women, who were 29 years of age on average, and analysed 224’563 menstrual cycles this is the largest prospective study carried out not only on Natural Cycles, but on natural contraception as of yet.

The publication confirms that under perfect use, when using Natural Cycles consistently and correctly, the app is 99% effective and under typical use, it is 93% effective.

A big thanks goes out to all of our Cyclers who have been a part of this journey and have contributed to the study through using Natural Cycles. We are thrilled that more and more women are choosing the app as an effective method of contraception. It is changing the way we perceive contraception in society and gives women a powerful tool to get to know their bodies better.

Let’s keep pushing, because progress starts with research.

You can read the full study here


Your Natural Cycles team