The colors in plan a pregnancy mode

Dear Cyclers,

In the new version of the Natural Cycles app the pregnancy mode has a new fresh look. The ‘fertile window’ is presented in red scale where the most fertile day is red, and the least fertile day is pink. Read more about the fertile window and the science behind our menstrual cycle here. The non-fertile days are presented in grey.


“We want the important days to stand out very clear, even if this means that the non-fertile days come across as dull. We do this by using the contrast between a muted gray and a very vibrant red.” Quote from our head of design, Daniel.

If your ovulation has been confirmed in the app, you will also be able to see when you can test for pregnancy the earliest. This function also existed in the old app, but is now even more visually clear. If your period comes, the symbol will disappear. Read more about symbols here.


Do you have any feedback? Comment below, please! 🙂