Mentor for Stockholm Startup Weekend

This weekend I was a mentor for the Stockholm Startup Weekend, health and fitness addition.

There people got together to work on startup ideas during 54 hours. I heard a lot of great new ideas there and met people excited to do something new and make a difference. Many of the ideas concerned Quantified Self apps, which is also what NaturalCycles is doing. I really do believe that this is the future. We are monitoring our physical and mental health more and more and can then make more wise decisions when it comes to what to put in our bodies, when and how to exercise and of course, when and how to make love 😉 What an inspiring weekend for me!


Elina Berglund at Stockholm Startup Weekend

Elina mentoring at Stockholm Startup Weekend


International women’s day


I thought I’d share some pictures with you from the Women in Tech 2014 event that took place on Saturday.

My pitch went well and I got the whole audience to laugh talking about contraception and planning pregnancies with my 8 month pregnant belly. I guess there’s no way of hiding it anymore. Seeing these pictures I’m not sure a dress is the best thing to wear while very pregnant. I chose a dress since I thought it’s feminine and elegant at the same time, but since the belly is sticking out so much it becomes more like a tent underneath. With pants, at least the lower part of the body looks rather normal.

Women in Tech 2014 - NaturalCycles

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Pitch to an audience of women

This Monday, NaturalCycles pitched at the Investing in Women Meetup. It was very exciting since, for once, the audience consisted of 95% women. Usually when we present our start-up to a mainly male audience.

As usual Raoul and I shared the pitch 50%-50%, which I think is a nice way of doing it.

We talked about how NaturalCycles is the best natural contraception out there and then finish with our own story – how we first used NaturalCycles as contraception for 1.5 years and then posted on twitter that we’d try for a baby on our wedding anniversary, which as you all know worked very well 🙂 The response we got was very different with a female audience and they were cheering a lot during our pitch. It was really fun and encouraging!

Pitch to an audience of women - NaturalCycles

Next Tuesday we have another pitch at the Sthlm Innovators event. We are becoming good at this!

Tonight I’m off to try out pregnancy pilates for the first time. I was choosing between pregnancy yoga and pilates and I imagine pilates being a bit more of a work out. I’m used to jumping around at zumba, so the more action the better. I’m not really patient enough to just focus on my breathing for an hour. I hope the pilates will be fun and that I get to meet some other cool pregnant women here in Stockholm!