Story of The Month – Stephanie

Story of the Month for January is this lovely girl – Stephanie Zoe. She found NaturalCycles through our Instagram profile and has been a dedicated user ever since. Read more about her below.

My name is Stephanie and I am 24 years old. I work as an in-house nutritionist and for a health company called ‘LIFE‘. I live with my partner and our two cats in the south of Stockholm. I am a down to earth girl who loves spending time taking long walks in the woods, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, as well as gardening and meditating. Alongside this, I run a health blog,, where I like to share my ideas and discoveries about diet, health and wellbeing.



As a nutritionist, I live life with a holistic approach. I want to make sure that I restore my body and mind to it’s natural form by investing my time towards finding the healthiest, most natural essentials that are available to me. Our bodies are finely tuned, naturally balanced machines that are regularly disrupted by man-made, mass-produced additives that are often found in our diets. This is the same for synthetic hormones, which many women take on a daily basis to prevent pregnancy. Thanks to my growing interest in health and wellbeing, I found a better solution than the pill – the IUD.


I immediately thought the IUD was better and less harmful but I soon started to realise that it wasn’t because I started to experience super heavy periods and excruciating pain to go with it. I stuck to it for a bit and took high doses of zinc to balance out the propagated concentration of copper but decided that if it wan’t natural, it wan’t me.

I found NaturalCycles by coincidence when I was surfing around on Instagram. Skeptical, as I am, I thought it sounded too good to be true but nevertheless decided to look into it further.I read up on various forums and blogs about NaturalCycles and found strong recommendations and positive feedback. I therefore booked an appointment with the midwife to remove my spiral and my NaturalCycles thermometer soon followed in the post.

I now keep my thermometer on my nightstand and every morning before I get up, I take my temperature, tap it into the app and I’m ready for the day. NaturalCycles is easy-to-use and I love the nice messages I get when i’m doing a good job!  I would, however, like to see more of these pop-up messages to remind me of my important cycle events such as: ‘when it’s time to take an ovulation test’, or ‘how many days there are before my next menstruation’.

I would recommend NaturalCycles to all women as it have allowed me to be myself again –  completely natural, the way we are meant to be!

Big thanks to Stephanie for sharing her story with all of us!
Let us know if you want to share yours:

The NaturalCycles Team




Red day Facts

A common question we often get from new users is: “Why do I have so many red days? Am I always fertile?”

The answer is of course, no! No woman is fertile for more than 6 days per cycle. The fertile window starts 5 days before ovulation (because sperm survival is ~ 5days) and ends after ovulation.

Before NaturalCycles can pinpoint your 6 day fertile window it has to first get to know what is normal for you. After all, every women is unique.



So what else can influence your number of green days?

Quitting the pill

Women who quit the pill (or other hormonal contraceptives) and switch to NaturalCycles question the number of red days they get at the start. Why? This is because hormonal contraceptives disturb a woman’s normal menstrual cycle, thus leaving women with irregular cycles until the synthetic hormones leave their bodies, and this can take several months. NaturalCycles takes this into account, giving more red days until things start to get back to normal.

Measuring and fluctuations

Another important factor to consider is, how and when you measure your temperature. We advise you to avoid measuring when you are sick, feeling hangover or if you wake up much later/earlier than usual. You can read more about measuring and basal thermometer here


Your temperature varies from day to day, but more considerable fluctuations can occur during ill or hungover days. These fluctuations in temperature can resemble ovulation or otherwise, which means NaturalCycles will give you a red ‘fertile’ day just to be safe. If you think this has happened to you then please get in touch at and we can take a look at your data and remove the anomaly that might be tainting how your cycles look.

So with this in mind, please don’t loose hope as green days are just around the corner. The more data you enter, the better NaturalCycles can pinpoint your fertile window, giving you green days in return. Have a look at this happy cycle:


To find out your fertile window and ovulation day faster, we also recommend taking an LH-test. A surge in LH hormones occur two days before ovulation and marks your most fertile days. NaturalCycles let’s you know when to check your LH levels, which also depends on how regular your cycles are. Have a look below to see what our reminders look like:


















So to sum-up – don’t worry, because green days are ahead! Just make sure you keep measuring everyday!


keep calm naturalcycles

Wear it Pink with NaturalCycles

It is ”Wear it Pink” Friday! Today we wear pink in order to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research.
As we wrote couple of weeks ago, NaturalCycles supports Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating 25SEK (£2) for every woman that subscribes to NaturalCycles for a year.

So far we have 640 women that have subscribed! By the end of October we will update with more information but today we’re supporting the cause – by wearing pink!



The Team in Pink!

breast cancer awareness IMG_2380 1

Are you part of this event? If so, please share your photos to instagram with #wearitpink and #naturalcyclesnc!For more information visit


Happy Friday!

Everything you need to know about the Natural Cycles basal thermometer

To get started with Natural Cycles you will need a basal thermometer. It’s more sensitive than a regular fever thermometer as it shows two decimals.

Here are the most useful tips on how and when to measure your temperature with it:

basal thermometer, naturalcycles, natural cycles

The basal thermometer!

Why Basal Thermometer?

A basal thermometer is a digital thermometer showing two decimals, (for example 36.99). It is much more sensitive than a regular thermometer, as it measures the slightest changes in your temperature. Something that is very important when measuring your basal body temperature, which rises in very small amounts near ovulation.

When to measure?

Measure first thing in the morning, even before you get out of bed! Why? The basal body temperature is our resting temperature and is lowest when we sleep. The slightest movement (getting out of bed) will increase your body temperature, thus making your reading further away from your actual basal temperature and therefore slightly less accurate. In fact, we advise NaturalCycle users to try and measure at roughly the same time every day, within a ±2 hr window of your usual morning alarm. If you decide to have a lie-in after a busy week at work then we suggest you leave it for the day.

How to measure?

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I’ve measured twice and thermometer shows two different temperatures?

Our basal thermometer’s are super sensitive in order to capture the minute changes in your temperature. With every reading your body’s temperature will naturally rise, and so the first reading is likely to come out lower than the next. There is no need to measure twice as the first reading will be the closest to your actual resting temperature.

What is LO?


‘Lo’ means low temperature, and not low battery – so no worries! The reason it says ‘Lo’ from time-to-time is because room temperature is roughly 21 degrees, which is ‘Lo’ for our basal thermometer. Body temperature should be around 36.5–37.5 degrees (a little science for you). Any higher than this, then you probably have a fever and therefore advise you to leave the reading for the day.

A big pointer for all you newbies! It will take a 1-3 cycles of measuring for Natural Cycles to get to know your unique cycle.



Your Natural Cycles team


Welcoming Blondinbella to NaturalCycles!

Let’s welcome Isabella Löwengrip – also known as Blondinbella – to NaturalCycles. Sweden’s biggest blogger  decided to become a NaturalCycles user to prevent pregnancies.
Blondinbella - NaturalCycles

Blondinbella joins NaturalCycles to prevent pregnancies

Today, Blondinbella announced on her blog that she is using NaturalCycles to prevent pregnancies. Not willing to take hormones or get a spiral, Blondinbella has been looking for a long time for a suitable alternative.

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Optimized algorithm = more green days!

Exciting news! NaturalCycles has further optimized the algorithm with all the awesome new data streaming in on a daily basis.

Thanks to more than 40 000 days of collected data we are now giving 10% more green while remaining 99.9% safe. You can now see the new results in both your fertility history and the predicted red and green days.

Check it out in your app (AppStore / GooglePlay) or on your MyCycles page.


Optimized algorithm

Last important meeting before baby?

This morning we had a meeting with a technology investment company here in Stockholm called Northzone.

We are not in urgent need of funding, as we are still afloat from the investment round we closed last year, but at the end of this year we are looking to close a new round. Northzone would be a cool partner for NaturalCycles, so we are starting to get to know each other.

The meeting went well and we’ll meet again at the end of June. This reminds me that we’ll have to find a nanny for future meetings that require the presence both Raoul and myself. Today might very well have been the last important meeting before baby. We do have another meeting with our future business partner on Thursday afternoon, but there’s quite a risk that I won’t make it to that one. I hope it will not coincide completely with the birth, because then Raoul will not make it either. Well, well, we’ll just have to take things as they come in the next few days.

Meeting - NaturalCycles

Newly designed NaturalCycles app for iOS in App Store!

The newly designed NaturalCycles app for iPhone and iPad is now approved and in the App Store. Update your apps or download it for free here!

You get a three month free Plan/Prevent trial.

Newly designed NaturalCycles app for iOS

New beautified NaturalCycles website out!

Today is the most amazing Friday ever! It’s a beautiful spring day in Stockholm and we could have lunch outside in the sun for the first time here at SUP46. They have a nice really big courtyard just outside the office.

What of course makes the day even better is that the new, beautified NaturalCycles website is out and the new iOS app has been submitted for approval. The new website is not only much prettier, but it also allows you to try NaturalCycles Prevent of Plan for free for 3 months, or you can pay for a year and get a basal thermometer shipped home to you. Cool! Another amazing feature of the new website is that it’s available in 6 languages!

NaturalCycles website

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