Thank you for this year!

This past year has been huge here at Natural Cycles! We got to celebrate plenty of successes, so we just wanted to take a moment and a step back, to say thank you.

All of you lovely Cyclers have supported us on this journey and without you – we wouldn’t be here today. Let’s keep striving for a world where #yourcyclematters.

Here are the top highlights of this year:

Natural Cycles became the only certified contraceptive app

Having an effective method of digital contraception impacts women’s lives in a positive way, every single day. Beyond that, it is changing the way we think about contraception on a societal level.

This year the app became the only certified and CE marked medical device of class IIb, intended to be used for contraception in Europe. It was a huge step towards improving women’s health by increasing contraceptive choice.

Read more about our certification here.

Largest prospective study on Natural Cycles was published

It’s our mission to lead the way when it comes to research in women’s health. This year we have published the third and largest prospective study carried out on Natural Cycles together with leading experts in Women’s Health, once again confirming Natural Cycles’ efficacy.

We have plenty of more clinical studies in the pipeline and are excited to see what the next year will bring us with even more team members in the science department.

Read more about the study here.

Natural Cycles landed another investment round

Our latest funding round closed with a $30 million investment in November 2017. This has been a great achievement for us as we are aiming to do more research in reproductive health, will keep improving the Natural Cycles app and lead the way within digital contraception.

Read more about the investment round here.


Wishing you all the best and a happy New Year! Here’s to an even bigger 2018.