Natural Cycles’ yoga brunch with Katrin Z

Natural Cycles’ mission is to improve women’s health worldwide by giving them the instant skills needed to control their own fertility. In order to give women the opportunity to explore natural methods, like Natural Cycles, our role is to provide all the necessary information necessary to help you make an informed decision.

Our event was an opportunity for women, who are considering making the switch, to meet the team and ask any questions they need to make that decision. We wanted to create a healthy, wholesome, and zen environment to help block out the daily stresses of life so that our guests could concentrate on themselves entirely.

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The lovely Katrin Z joined us for the morning to offer advise and share her experience with NaturalCycles.


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We invited Josefine to hold a relaxing yoga session, which got us ready to eat!

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Brunch was a delicious spread of raw food including wraps, energising ‘amazeballs’ and a cashew and brazil nut shake – all gluten and dairy free! 

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The morning finished with a brief talk from Danijela Froki, which was followed by a quick Q&A session with Katrin Zytomierska and our CTO and Co-founder Elina Berglund.

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And everyone left with Natural Cycles goodie bags!

goodie bags



See our short youtube video of the event here:


If you want to join us for our next event then please get in touch with your story and let us know how we can help!

Happy Thursday!

The Natural Cycles Team



Mentor for Stockholm Startup Weekend

This weekend I was a mentor for the Stockholm Startup Weekend, health and fitness addition.

There people got together to work on startup ideas during 54 hours. I heard a lot of great new ideas there and met people excited to do something new and make a difference. Many of the ideas concerned Quantified Self apps, which is also what NaturalCycles is doing. I really do believe that this is the future. We are monitoring our physical and mental health more and more and can then make more wise decisions when it comes to what to put in our bodies, when and how to exercise and of course, when and how to make love 😉 What an inspiring weekend for me!


Elina Berglund at Stockholm Startup Weekend

Elina mentoring at Stockholm Startup Weekend