Help us Drive #LifeChangingOptions to the Developing World

World Contraception Day, 26th September, is a day that aims to improve awareness of contraception around a vision where every pregnancy is a planned one. To get closer to this goal, NaturalCycles’ has launched the #LifeChangingOptions campaign as the company believes that every women should have the right to decide whether or not she wishes to get pregnant.

Statistics show that 225 million* young women who want to prevent pregnancies has no access to contraception, which is a barrier they face that affects their lives and future. When girls have the choice they have children later, which means they can finish their education, become financially independent and contribute to society. It also means they can space their births further apart, which means healthier lives for them and their babies.**

At NaturalCycles, we believe that given the opportunity women in developing countries could change the world. Half of the world’s population today – over 3.5 million – is under 30, mostly living in developing countries. Their choices and opportunity defines the present and future of our world.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 16.03.54

Source: Women Deliver


We want to make it work for every girl by giving them the opportunity to make a choice and decide freely for themselves whether or not they wish to become pregnant. Let’s transform their world and give them the opportunity to change ours!

This is where you can help, for every share of the hashtag #LifeChangingOptions, NaturalCycles’ will donate a condom to girls in the developing world. 

Please help us start this conversation and let’s see how many condoms we can donate!


Yours naturally,

The NaturalCycles Team



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Discover your Life Changing Day To Change Someone Else’s

To alleviate the barriers the developing world face to access contraception, Natural Cycles donates #LifeChangingOptions for every share of your ‘Life Changing Day’.


On the lead up to World Contraception Day on September 26th, a day that aims to improve awareness of contraception around a vision where every pregnancy is a planned one, Natural Cycles has released a unique test that allows participants to discover the happy day that changed their parent’s lives.


The fertility app, Natural Cycles, that finds a woman’s fertile and non-fertile days with 99.9% accuracy, shows that this ‘Life Changing Day’ is on average 15 days after conception, around the time a woman’s next period is due. To calculate yours and to find out how many other Swedes share the same day as you visit





The company ask participants to share their Life Changing Day to celebrate the special moment that united their parents all those years ago, that also represents choice. With every share alongside the hashtag #LifeChangingOptions each participant will be giving a girl in the developing world the opportunity to take control over her life and future.


“With a shelf full of options, women in our modern society have the chance to decide whether or not they wish to get pregnant” says Elina Berglund, Co-Founder & CTO, Natural Cycles, “However, 225 million young women in the developing world face barriers to fully realising their own reproductive rights. We want to change this.”


The #LifeChangingOptions campaign also aims to lift some of the barriers found here in Sweden by highlighting the importance of using our own reproductive rights.


A survey conducted by Natural Cycles asked 1000 Swedish men and women basic questions about reproduction and contraception that the company considers necessary to prevent pregnancies effectively. The survey results show Sweden’s understanding was better than the UK and USA but overall lacking, with only 54 percent of all questions answered correctly.


Furthermore, 42 percent of Swedish women on the pill do not know how the method works and 84 percent of these women say they would prefer to use a natural method of contraception.

“These statistics are a clear sign that even as a developed country we still have a lot of work to do.” says Elina, “NaturalCycles #LifeChangingOptions campaign wants to raise awareness around taking contraception and helping women to carefully consider their options so they find a method most suited to them.”  


NaturalCycles – The Women’s Choice

NaturalCycles is an app made for women by women. The core reason for founding the app was to satisfy women’s unmet needs and giving them the power of choice again, where hormonal contraception no longer has to be the default.

Everyday we get thanks from Cycler’s for helping them in one way or another which makes us even more committed to providing the best service possible to transform women’s lives. In this blog post, we share some quotes from Cyclers who have appreciated our services and put a smile on our faces.

NaturalCycles prides itself on being the most scientific and accurate app available. With a clinical study under our belts and another first-of-it’s kind study on it’s way we can ensure that every woman receives a statistically accurate representation of her cycle based on the data she enters so she can track her fertility and plan pregnancies effectively.

Katie, 30 “This is literally the only fertility awareness program I’m willing to use because it’s based on statistics and not “eh, you’re probably alright!”

A focus on improving female body awareness. Since the arrival of the pill in the 1960s women have become accustomed to not having to do anything themselves, which has left a huge gap in their basic knowledge about fertility and their menstrual cycles.  Our 24/7 support service offers women the information they need to feel empowered and control their fertility naturally. And let’s not forget Ask Tibi, our recently launched virtual assistant which offers women the ability to search for a large range of guidance.

Jenny, 31 “Thank you very much for your good answers, it makes me understand everything a little better. It is always nice to be in contact with you and get your really informative answers. I wish all health providers were so easily accessible and helpful!”

Phone pic


Offer important insights into your reproductive health.


Your menstrual cycle characteristics can help you understand your fertile potential, help you diagnose conditions that may be affecting it and start more relevant discussions with your doctor.

For instance, if you’re not getting a rise in basal body temperature you are likely experiencing an anovulatory cycle (not ovulating). This could be an indication of a hormone imbalance that could be rooted to an endocrine disorder, such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a common cause of infertility.

Sara, 27 “I am very grateful that I started using NaturalCycles. If I had not taken the chance to start using it and stopped the pill, I probably would not have tracked my periods and realised how far apart they were and my hormonal irregularities would not have been caught by my doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS. I could have gone years without knowing of this diagnosis!”

NaturalCycles can be used over your whole reproductive lifetime. From tracking your period and getting to know your cycles, to tracking your fertility or achieve pregnancy and even monitoring the health and development of your unborn child – the app can do it all!

Elina herself is perhaps the app’s biggest success story, having used it to track her fertility for 18 months before deciding to try for a baby, she got pregnancy on her first ovulation.

Elina, 31 “When you want to get pregnant, the data accumulated during the time spent on using the app for tracking your fertility can be used to pinpoint your most fertile days.”

We are constantly building and improving the app to reflect women’s needs so please get in touch if there is anything you want to see more of.

Yours naturally,

The NaturalCycles Team


Get Pregnant the Swedish Way!

Rumour has it that Swedes are friskier than ever during Midsummer and so we decided to put it to the test.

More Swedes are born on March 22nd than on any other one day, and as it turns out, our one million days of data matches up.

Swedish users had less intercourse in June on average than they did in May – but the weekend of Midsummer was a clear exception, with a clear rise in sex and a 25 percent increase in the number of pregnancies that weekend.

The Viking celebratory spirit lives on!


NaturalCycles is an app which you can use helps women to plan and monitor their pregnancies.

There are 2-3 days per cycle when a woman has the highest chances of conceiving, which land just before ovulation day. By analysing a woman’s basal body temperature (BBT) readings and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels (optional) the NaturalCycles algorithm can find ovulation day and the days she is most likely to get pregnant to increase her chances of conception.

However, the app is more than a fertility tracker as it can also detect when a user has become pregnant as well as monitor the health of a fetus in the first trimester.

NaturalCycles automated features can detect early signs of miscarriage. The app recently saved a pregnancy by notifying a woman to seek medical advice after detecting insufficient progesterone levels (indicated by low temperatures) that weren’t enough to support pregnancy in her first trimester.

The app has now helped 2000 Swedish women get pregnant, taking on average just three months to get pregnant compared to the average six months when you try without (Ref: 1).



1. Hum. Reprod. (2003) 18 (9):1959-1966


A welcoming gift for Cyclers

Natural Cycles is here to make your lives easier by matching up to your needs, so we wanted to send you a gift to help optimise your experience with some of our complimentary products.

With every* new subscription and upgrade to 1 year + thermometer before your free trial if over, Natural Cycles’ will welcome Cyclers that want to track their fertility with a ovulation test, and Cyclers that want to plan a pregnancy with pregnancy and ovulation test.

Click HERE to get your gifts now!

Ovulation test

Measuring LH with ovulation tests is a powerful supplement to the basal body temperature to indicate when ovulation has occurred. To optimise your experience with Natural Cycles, we suggest measuring LH around your predicted ovulation day – which is indicated by Natural Cycles – to identify the actual ovulation day.

To buy more ovulation tests please visit our online shop in Sweden or in other countries.

Pregnancy test

Natural Cycles can detect pregnancy around the same time as some of the more sensitive OTC pregnancy tests; finding out by the time your next period is usually due. If detected, Natural Cycles will send a notification recommending that you take a test to confirm your pregnancy. And if you are pregnant, Natural Cycles will calculate with high precision how many days you are into your pregnancy as well as predict your due date, as the app knows exactly which day you ovulated, which is when conception would have taken place.

To buy more pregnancy tests please visit our online shop in Sweden or in other countries.

Yours naturally,
The NaturalCycles Team



*Due to shipping limitations, gifts can only be sent to Cyclers living in Europe.


NaturalCycles’ Yoga Brunch is coming to London!

We are incredibly excited to announce our first Yoga Brunch in London, where we will be collaborating with the delicious plant-based, gluten and dairy-free angel’s belly.

With a morning of relaxing yoga, a delicious spread of nourishing food and expert health advice from naturopath Gillian Day you will leave feeling informed, energised and empowered to make better decisions about your health!

To buy tickets click here!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.24.57


Every woman deserves to hear the full story about the harmful effects that hormonal contraceptives can have on both your physical and mental health and this is where we come in! Together with our female hormone expert, Gillian day, we will aim to alleviate any confusion on the important issue of fertility and contraception by providing information about new healthy solutions and offering on-hand advice throughout the day.

The Venue - West London's Loft Studios

The Venue – West London’s Loft Studios


The day’s schedule will be as follows:

The Yoga : 10:30am – 12:00

The day will begin with a morning invigorating yoga practice that will be sure to get you connecting with your inner self, while also challenging you physically! All levels are welcome.

The Brunch: 12:00 – 14:00

Nourishment meets indulgence is at the heart of the angel’s belly brunch club ethos, and hence why they always ensure that every guest leaves feeling totally stuffed with plant-based, gluten, dairy and refined sugar- free deliciousness! You can expect to see things like nut mylks, cold pressed juices, cashew “cheese”, “Nutella”, pesto, hummus, gluten free breads, granola, sweet potato wedges, and lots more!

The angel’s belly team will be cooking up the feast themselves using only high-quality, local and  organic ingredients where possible!                   



Talk by Naturopathic Nutritionist Gill Day: 14:00 – 14:30

Following the brunch, there will be a talk and discussion from expert Naturopath; Gillian Day, who will be exploring the prevalent issues surrounding this controversial topic of contraceptives for young women today. In her daily practice Gill has had countless clients suffering hormonal health issues as a result of ingesting synthetic hormones on an on-going basis and she is well equipped in how to treat individuals in this subject area! She will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and will aim to debunk some of the misconceptions associated with this particular topic.

Introduction to NaturalCycles: 14:30 – 14:45

Gill’s talk will precede a short introduction to NaturalCycles; the world’s first natural contraceptive App, an innovative technology, which aims to revolutionize contraception so that women who want to be free from the harmful effects of hormones in their day-to-day lives can be. NaturalCycles is a tailored solution that uses women’s unique temperature readings to inform her when she has ovulated and when she is likely to ovulate in her next cycle thus giving her a clear and informed idea of when she can and can’t get pregnant with 99.9% accuracy! Women now have a choice to get to know themselves better and learn how their bodies work without the interference of hormones.

Home with goody bags: 16:00

There will be plenty of time to mingle and ask any questions as the day will come to a close at 16:00 o’clock.  We will send you off with an abundant of healthy goodies, including a NaturalCycles thermometer to get you started straight away!

We can’t wait to welcome you and share what we think will be a very special and informative event.


NaturalCycles and angel’s belly



Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin!

In the lead up to Easter, Natural Cycles, which works by finding when you ovulate, is offering to do the hunting for you, so you have more time to indulge in the much tastier version of this celebrated symbol of life!




As part of our Easter Egg Hunting initiative, we are offering a 25% special discount on our Starter Kit as well as 30% on our ovulation tests for those who already use the app and are eager to get more green days.

Ovulation tests work by measuring a surge in LH hormone that occurs in a woman’s body 1-3 days before ovulation so by combining these alongside your basal body temperature, our ability to pinpoint your ovulation day and fertile window becomes even greater!




We also thought you should know that we have recently updated the app to provide our Cyclers with more tailored notifications that will help everyone understand and get to know their bodies even better than before! Does your body work like clock work? Is your temperature higher than average? Is your body still recovering from hormonal contraceptives?



And for plan users, how might your cycle be slowing down your path to pregnancy?

Happy hunting and get in touch or post on Instagram with #NaturalCycles to let us know how you get on.

The NaturalCycles team





Natural Cycles’ yoga brunch with Katrin Z

Natural Cycles’ mission is to improve women’s health worldwide by giving them the instant skills needed to control their own fertility. In order to give women the opportunity to explore natural methods, like Natural Cycles, our role is to provide all the necessary information necessary to help you make an informed decision.

Our event was an opportunity for women, who are considering making the switch, to meet the team and ask any questions they need to make that decision. We wanted to create a healthy, wholesome, and zen environment to help block out the daily stresses of life so that our guests could concentrate on themselves entirely.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.46.33



The lovely Katrin Z joined us for the morning to offer advise and share her experience with NaturalCycles.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.51.37


We invited Josefine to hold a relaxing yoga session, which got us ready to eat!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.50.41


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.50.53

Brunch was a delicious spread of raw food including wraps, energising ‘amazeballs’ and a cashew and brazil nut shake – all gluten and dairy free! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.51.49

The morning finished with a brief talk from Danijela Froki, which was followed by a quick Q&A session with Katrin Zytomierska and our CTO and Co-founder Elina Berglund.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.51.13




And everyone left with Natural Cycles goodie bags!

goodie bags



See our short youtube video of the event here:


If you want to join us for our next event then please get in touch with your story and let us know how we can help!

Happy Thursday!

The Natural Cycles Team



Be Yourself Campaign

This week we launched a Be yourself campaign!

As part of the campaign, NaturalCycles created a #beyourself webisode series to capture the meaning of unconditional love and the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin – no matter how unflattering a situation can be! We should be less concerned about what others think and be more natural and relaxed in our own skin.

Take a look and please let us know what you think!

Another part of NaturalCycles ‘be yourself’ campaign wanted to challenge the negativity that surrounds self-image and instead ask women to celebrate the skin they live in. NaturalCycles has asked women to post a #beyourselfie and explain to us and friends what ‘Be yourself’ means to them.

So far we’ve had great response from our followers, which is helping us spread our positive message! If you want to join in, then please find the instructions below.

A real women is whatever she wants to be, so remove the mask you live in and simply be yourself!

Here are few of the #beyourselfies shared on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.12.20





Screenshot 2014-12-17 16.12.32

Screenshot 2014-12-17 17.51.31Screenshot 2014-12-17 17.51.01

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.39.53

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.11.29







Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 13.19.09







Screenshot 2014-12-17 16.12.17

Screenshot 2014-12-17 16.11.15Screenshot 2014-12-17 16.13.33


If you want to participate here are the guidelines:

A selfie that captures you being yourself. This can be a photo of you (old or new), on your own or with friends/boyfriends, to encourage women to be more natural and relaxed in their own skin.

Write what Be Yourself means to you.  If applicable, you may also want to include how hormones have affected you and why you think a natural option might change your life for the better. Tag @naturalcyclesnc ( Spread the word by nominating your friends to #beyourselfie



Behind The Scenes

NaturalCycles is making its first ever video series and we hope you like it!

We think love is being at ease and finding comfort with someone who can see you at your worst but still adore you afterwards. That is, loving you unconditionally even if you can be slightly crazy, weird, or a bit silly sometimes! I mean aren’t we all? 😉

We have put together four funny and fairly typical scenarios that we think both you and your boyfriend will be able to relate to. Try and guess what we have come up with from some of our behind the scenes pictures that you can see below:

Smiling couple shot_bed scene

Peter and Louise trying to hold back the giggles.

Louise Yolke PJ's

Louise in the beautiful silk Pyjama’s from Yolke.

All girls team!

Director Amelia, giving some direction to our NaturalCycles couple

We caught Louise getting ready for bed!


Have a lovely Thursday cyclers!