Meet a Cycler – Pauline


My name is Pauline and I’m studying to become a priest. I’ve used Natural Cycles for almost a year now and both me and my partner feel satisfied beyond all expectations. Through Natural Cycles I’ve learnt so much more about myself and my body, which I find as very valuable knowledge that I wish all women could have access to. For example, I did not know that women are only fertile six days per cycle. Choosing to start with Natural Cycles is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, and my advice to you who are considering to start with Natural Cycles is simply that it’s worth it!



Thank you Pauline for sharing your experience with Natural Cycles.
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Meet a Cycler – My Annika!

This month we talked with My-Annika, a 29-year-old woman from a small town called Fagersta, Sweden.


Tell us more about you and how come you chose to start with Natural Cycles?

I heard about Natural Cycles from another Cycler and thought it sounded like a brilliant and simple idea that I just had to try. I started 7 months ago, and it was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made! After 7 months of measuring, it still feels simple — I wake up, take my temperature, and then put it into the Natural Cycles app. I know we’ll switch to Natural Cycles Plan when we’re ready to try and get pregnant. That way we’ll see when I’m fertile. So I only have positive things to say about Natural Cycles. The only ‘negative’ thing is that I now have my period every month, which I didn’t have before.














Thanks for reading my experience with Natural Cycles!



Thank you My Annika, for sharing!

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Meet a Cycler: Tanya


My name is Tanya, I’m from London and I work as an administrator.

I was on the contraceptive pill for 10 years until I realised I had no idea about my natural cycles. Because I’m getting married next year and starting to think about having children, I’ve decided that being more in-tune and in-control of my body would not only be good for my overall health (the less chemicals the better!) but would also help when we’re trying to get pregnant.


Tanya - testimonial


I have been a Cycler for four months now and I’m already hooked! There’s something really empowering about knowing and understanding exactly where I am in my cycle. I feel better in myself, and even my fiancé is enjoying tracking whether it’s a red day or a green day (surprise surprise!).

I have recommended Natural Cycles to my friends because coming off the pill has improved my moods and given me more energy.

I really think Natural Cycles is a solution for women to ditch hormones for something better. The pill was developed in the 1960s, which is now over 50 years ago! It’s time we moved forward from such an archaic school of thought.

Thank you Natural Cycles for giving me back control of my body!

Happy Friday Cyclers!

Yours naturally,

The Natural Cycles Team



Meet a Cycler – Nina

This month we heard from Nina, a 28 year-old mother from Norway who was using NaturalCycles in conjunction with the IUD so she could keep track of her cycle and achieve greater body awareness.

“When using modern forms of contraception like the IUD or Pill, women have zero track of their cycles.” says Nina “However, I discovered that Natural Cycles hands all the information you need on a silver platter so you can take back the control and get to know your body better.”

We were then pleasantly surprised when Nina explained how Natural Cycles had helped her learn something even more exciting about herself!

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 14.37.11


Despite the very low probability of pregnancy with the IUD (>99% efficacy typical use), NaturalCycles’ automated ‘pregnancy test’ feature informed Nina that she had fallen pregnant. At first she decided to ignore this diagnosis until she started to get tender breasts, regular headaches and felt sleepy all the time. Nina took NaturalCycles advise and her pregnancy test came back positive.


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 14.38.13


She paid a visit to her doctor who tried to understand how it could have happened but he was inconclusive and doubted the apps diagnosis.

“Even though my doctors were dubious, the ingenious app was confident in it’s case and let me know that I was pregnant very early on.” says Nina, “Before my ultrasound I checked my NaturalCycles pregnancy statistics to see how far along I was and it told me that I was in Week 17 + 4 days.”

An answer that to-the-day matched the ultrasounds response. It was clear to Nina that NaturalCycles had been right all along.

Nina concludes that “After giving birth I will steer clear of hormonal contraception and instead listen to and put my trust into Natural Cycles, which kept me informed from the beginning. My experience has proven to me that NaturalCycles can be used both for tracking your fertility and as an aid to fill your house with little ones.”

Thank you Nina for sharing your story. We are so pleased NaturalCycles came to the rescue and filled you with confidence when you most needed it.

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Yours naturally,

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Meet a Cycler – Julia

Meet a Cycler – Julia

Natural Cycles gives women the skills they need to track and get to know their unique cycles better so that when a woman is ready she can switch from tracking her fertility to planning a pregnancy.

This is what Julia, a 22 year old ‘small town girl’ from Kristinehamn, Sweden is doing. She has recently started using Natural Cycles to prepare her body for next year, where she will switch to NaturalCycles plan mode to try for her first child.

“I’ve been using Natural Cycles for 2 months now. I love the idea of tracking my fertility as I feel like I’m doing my body a favour.”


Photo: Private

“My boyfriend and I are planning to get pregnant some time next year and so I wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity to achieve a smooth pregnancy by taking back the control. Only 2 months in and I have already got to know my body better and how it works.”

Fertility is a continuum, which means everyone’s chances are different and many factors can influence your chances at any given time.  By understanding where you fall on the continuum and why with the help of fertility trackers, you can take action and seek advice if necessary. It is always better to be informed, so take back the control like Julia did and get to know your cycles!

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Happy Thursday

The NaturalCycles Team


Meet a Cycler April – Nathalie


Meet a Cycler – Nathalie from Malmö

Nathalie studies Supply Chain Managment in Malmö and got in touch as she wanted to share her story about why she decided to start a more organic approach to life.  

“I’ve been on the pill for almost 15 years, which is almost half of my life. Definitely far too long to be taking something that alters your body! Even though I didn’t experience any side-effects when on the pill, it was a thought that really bothered me. This is when it dawned on me – I wanted to find out ‘who I was’ without hormones.

When I started to look for natural alternatives, I came across Natural Cycles , which after a lot of reading and research seemed to be the smartest and safest option for me to try out. It’s now been over 3 months since I started using Natural Cycles and I feel great!

I can’t believe I now actually get excited to use Natural Cycles each morning! I find it fascinating measuring my temperature and finding out where I am in my cycle every day. It is such a great feeling to understand how my body works and get to know myself better.

Natural Cycles has been incredibly accurate at predicting the important events in my cycle. I was expecting a few days variation when it came to my period, but it’s been spot-on from the start!

Eventhough I was pretty happy before, I can definitely say that I feel happier now – pretty cool to think that this was even possible! The natural approach to life is clearly the way to go, which is why I’ve also recently started to use the menstrual cup! “

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Meet a Cycler – Frida

 Meet Frida!


Frida is 21 and loves to travel – something you might gather from her picture!

She recently moved back to the South of Sweden and is currently working at a health centre. We spoke to Frida a couple of weeks ago and asked her about her birth control journey.

Frida has always felt that taking the contraceptive pill was “wrong”, and that it was prescribed with too little information and guidance.


That’s why Frida says Natural Cycles was the right decision for her – “Natural is definitely the way to go! I’m never going back to anything that changes my body again. I feel so much better now – my period is different,  I feel happier and my mood is more balanced.  After being on the pill for so long, Natural Cycles has allowed me to get to know my body much better.”

We asked her what her favourite thing about NaturalCycles was:

“It’s super easy and fits perfectly into my morning routine. Every morning the thermometer wakes me up with its beep.” she says laughing.

A piece of advise for future Cyclers:

 “Give it a go! You will be positively surprised, and will never want to go back to anything else ever again!”



Thank you so much to Frida for sharing!  If anyone else is keen to share their journey with us then please get in touch:

The NaturalCycles Team



Introducing MEET A CYCLER

We wanted to give our ‘Story of the Month’ a bit of a facelift as we thought it would be more fun for you if we were to add a little more personality, background and culture to each Cycler’s post.

We know that a Cycler is a strong-minded, independent, intelligent woman who loves to be her own person and make her own decisions in life. And because of this we can be sure that your stories will undoubtedly empower and inspire other women to stop asking those ‘What if’s’ in life and instead become a worry-free ‘Yes Woman’!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 15.03.42


Not only do we want to you to share your thoughts about contraception but we also want inspiring pictures, ideas and opinions that suddenly come to mind when you think about living life to the full!

To give you an idea, here’s one of my Instagram photos that I took in London, which impels me to travel more of the world.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 14.52.40

Up, up and away!


As variety is undoubtedly the spice of life, we thought ‘Meet a Cycler’ would be a nice way to celebrate how wonderfully diverse and unique the NaturalCycles community is. If you agree with us and are keen to get involved then please share your story and pictures with us via

Peace, Love and ‘Be yourself’

The NaturalCycles Team


Story of The Month – Stephanie

Story of the Month for January is this lovely girl – Stephanie Zoe. She found NaturalCycles through our Instagram profile and has been a dedicated user ever since. Read more about her below.

My name is Stephanie and I am 24 years old. I work as an in-house nutritionist and for a health company called ‘LIFE‘. I live with my partner and our two cats in the south of Stockholm. I am a down to earth girl who loves spending time taking long walks in the woods, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, as well as gardening and meditating. Alongside this, I run a health blog,, where I like to share my ideas and discoveries about diet, health and wellbeing.



As a nutritionist, I live life with a holistic approach. I want to make sure that I restore my body and mind to it’s natural form by investing my time towards finding the healthiest, most natural essentials that are available to me. Our bodies are finely tuned, naturally balanced machines that are regularly disrupted by man-made, mass-produced additives that are often found in our diets. This is the same for synthetic hormones, which many women take on a daily basis to prevent pregnancy. Thanks to my growing interest in health and wellbeing, I found a better solution than the pill – the IUD.


I immediately thought the IUD was better and less harmful but I soon started to realise that it wasn’t because I started to experience super heavy periods and excruciating pain to go with it. I stuck to it for a bit and took high doses of zinc to balance out the propagated concentration of copper but decided that if it wan’t natural, it wan’t me.

I found NaturalCycles by coincidence when I was surfing around on Instagram. Skeptical, as I am, I thought it sounded too good to be true but nevertheless decided to look into it further.I read up on various forums and blogs about NaturalCycles and found strong recommendations and positive feedback. I therefore booked an appointment with the midwife to remove my spiral and my NaturalCycles thermometer soon followed in the post.

I now keep my thermometer on my nightstand and every morning before I get up, I take my temperature, tap it into the app and I’m ready for the day. NaturalCycles is easy-to-use and I love the nice messages I get when i’m doing a good job!  I would, however, like to see more of these pop-up messages to remind me of my important cycle events such as: ‘when it’s time to take an ovulation test’, or ‘how many days there are before my next menstruation’.

I would recommend NaturalCycles to all women as it have allowed me to be myself again –  completely natural, the way we are meant to be!

Big thanks to Stephanie for sharing her story with all of us!
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The NaturalCycles Team




Story of the Month December – Anna

Our second story of the month and this time we are happy to introduce you to Anna!
































Tell us a little bit about you!

My name is Anna and I’m 24 years old. I am from Edsbyn in Hälsingland but am currently living with my boyfriend in Gävle. I run my own business, work as an accountant for small businesses and write a style blog, which can be found on, called

How did you find out about NaturalCycles?

I came across NaturalCycles on Blondinbella’s blog. Her blogpost really caught my eye because I had already considered quitting the pill, since I was using it for 9 years. It worked well at first, but in recent years I felt sick and forgot to take it every once in a while. Aside from the nausea, I also experienced other side effects, often feeling depressed and had a decreased libido. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 8 years now and even though we are not currently planning on getting pregnant, when the time is right I know that NaturalCycles can help us transition to planning a pregnancy stress-free.


IMG_2329c (1)

How do you find measuring every morning?

When the alarm rings for the second (or third time) and it’s time to get up, I stretch my hand out towards my bedside table and take my temperature. Measuring my temperature takes about 30 seconds, during which I open the app and just fill out the four digit number. Done – it is that easy! Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to take a pill whereas with NaturalCycles it’s not the end of the world if I forget to take my temperature one morning.


We thank Anna for sharing her story with us! In case you want to read more about sideeffects or our other story of the month please visit the links!


Have a lovely day!