Cycler Story: “To learn about your own body in real time is a massive eye-opener.”

Thousands of women are using Natural Cycles every day and we love getting to know them and hearing their inspiring stories. This time around we have a chat with Beccy from Bristol, she talks about how much she loves nerding out on her data and how learning about her body has been an eye-opener.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I live in Bristol, England, with my gorgeous husband, my dog, and two cats, and work at the University of Bristol in the Library Services. I love my day job, but my major passion in life is writing. I took an MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University, and led creative writing workshops in schools. I’ve had a few poems, a paper, and a couple of articles published, but my main focus at the moment is writing my first novel, ‘Goodbye Horses’, a psychological drama about a woman living in self-imposed exile on the Shetland Islands, haunted by a dark secret. You can read some of my work on my website,

How long have you been using Natural Cycles for?

I’ve been using Natural Cycles since April 2017 as a method of contraception. I’m a pretty sceptical person – I need to see scientific evidence for everything! I did a lot of research before I started using it. The fact the app was certified and CE marked was incredibly reassuring and convinced me to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. It’s really easy to use – it only takes a minute or so each morning – and is amazingly accurate. I’m a bit of a data nerd, so I love seeing the variations in my temperature, the length of my phases, and how they compare to the average of other users. The little messages and reminders are great, and really useful; the app tells you the best time in your cycle to do a breast self-examination, for example, which is something I would never have remembered to do before. I feel like my whole adult life has been one long search for the right contraceptive, and I finally feel I’ve hit the jackpot with NC. It has given me so much insight into how my body works. We all learn the ovulatory cycle in school, but it all seems very abstract and a little intimidating, and somehow not applicable to real life. To learn about your own body, so easily, and in real time, is a massive eye-opener. I love feeling in tune with my cycle.

Would you recommend Natural Cycles to other women out there?

I would definitely recommend NC to other women, particularly if they’re struggling with other types of contraception. Read up about the app, research it yourself, give it a try. It’s been fantastic for me. It’s made me feel in control of my body and my fertility for the first time in my life.

A big thanks goes out to Beccy for sharing her story with us! We love hearing back from our lovely Cylers, everyone is unique and has their story to tell. We want to give women a voice so they can inspire others to get to know their bodies with Natural Cycles too – if you want to be a part of this movement go ahead and share your Natural Cycles story with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Your Natural Cycles team

Your Natural Cycles team

Cycler Story: “I’m more in tune with myself and my patterns.” – Anne

Thousands of women are using Natural Cycles every day and we love getting to know them and hearing their inspiring stories. This time around we had a chat with Anne who lives and works in London. She tells us about her adventures and how the app has helped her get in touch with her body and mind

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m all about relationship building, whether in my personal or professional life! I work in employee comms, in an amazing startup in the center of London, and I love what I do! We’re all about building great relationships, helping companies be great employers, and facilitate everything in their relationships with their employees – I just can not imagine anything better I could be doing. Fantastic co-workers, great clients, wonderful work. Every day.

My other big passion is traveling and adventures. Or testing something new. Usually, something that scares me… a little. I’m French, but have lived in the US (7 years), Australia (6 months), Mayotte (2 years), Reunion Island (3 years), and now the UK (almost 2 years!) – so, in-depth exploring is one of my specialties. I’m also a big nature lover. Sometimes, nature’s strength and immensity scares me, but there’s something so beautiful about it. The same way I got interested in Natural Cycles, I am now more and more interested in my carbon footprint, and my diet and lifestyle (how about a plant-based diet?). Nature is something I love and cherish.

How long have you been using Natural Cycles for?

I’m still a Newbie! I’ve only been using NC for 3 full cycles now (and a few days), so I can’t say I really know it all! But it’s been the easiest process to get used to. I put my thermometer on my phone, so every morning there’s not even a chance of missing it. The few times I’ve missed is because I really couldn’t (on a flight, forgot my purse with it, etc.), otherwise I find it’s the easiest thing to do.

I think what I like most is the monthly temperature graph. For some reason, in the back of my mind, I was always ‘scared’ to be abnormal, or that something was wrong with me, because my mother received a lot of hormonal treatments before getting pregnant, and I somehow always assumed it would affect me. But this simple little graph, that shows the ups and downs, somehow really got rid of my fears, and made me realise: I’m actually okay and right now, everything looks fine! (Not saying that anything else wouldn’t be okay, but it’s nice to know there is nothing to worry about!) It makes me feel like I’m listening to my body, I’m more in tune with myself, my metabolism and my patterns. It’s so nice to feel the synchrony, that I’m not two separate entities, my brain and my body, but a whole system and now I’m finally listening to all of it, rather than trying to control it.

Would you recommend Natural Cycles to other women out there?

Absolutely! Some women are more open to this kind of method of course than others. But at the moment, I use it to learn more about my body and my cycle, as I think it’s the first important step for using this kind of method. I reckon that in a few months, I will start feeling more comfortable with my ‘green’ days. And maybe my boyfriend will be too. To be completely honest, I almost look forward to the other side of it, when one day I will try to become pregnant. Because then, I’ll know, really know, my body and its patterns. And that’ll be a huge advantage.

A big thanks goes out to Anne for sharing her story with us! We love hearing back from our lovely Cylers, everyone is unique and has their story to tell. We want to give women a voice so they can inspire others to get to know their bodies with Natural Cycles too – if you want to be a part of this movement go ahead and share your Natural Cycles story with us. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Your Natural Cycles team 

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Meet a Cycler: Tara from London.

Thousands of women are using Natural Cycles every day and we love getting to know them and hearing their inspiring stories. This time around we have a chat with Tara from London, she talks about how she has gotten to know herself and her body better and more.

Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I studied Fine Art at university so I’m currently trying to develop my art practice and get exhibitions together in London. I really enjoy collaborating with other artists and have had some really fantastic experiences in my field, including going to Japan for an Artist’s Residency. I like to create work which suggests their own sort of mythology to the viewer – nothing prescriptive at all, rather something that a person can explore on their own terms.  Outside of work my passions are bouldering and veganism. I really enjoy being active and taking good care of my body, and I’ve never seemed to find a credible alternative until I found Natural Cycles.

Visit Tara’s work here:

How long have you used Natural Cycles now? What is your experience?

I’ve been using Natural Cycles for almost a year now and it’s really fantastic to see it developing and having its merit recognised. It made me really happy (and quite smug) to see that it had become a certified method of contraception and I think it would be such an incredible step forward to see it recommended to women by the NHS too. I think women have lacked conscientious treatment in this area for much too long.

I’ve found that the app is really well designed – very comprehensible whilst offering a lot of information about your cycle. I can see at a glance what is going on, as well as take a more in-depth look when I want to. The website and its articles complement it really well and back up the ‘pro-information and understanding’ ethos that I believe the Natural Cycles method promotes.

I’ve also become so much more aware of what is going on with my body as a result. It never fails to make me laugh when, for example, I get angry with my partner for something and then see a message from Natural Cycles on my phone that says “Your period is due in a few days. You might be experiencing some PMS during this time”. On a more serious note, this kind of thing has allowed me to get more in touch with my emotions, observe them and notice how they can correlate with my cycle. I practice mindfulness when I feel I need to and the understanding of my cycle, as I mentioned before, is an important part of that.

Would your recommend Natural Cycles to other women, and why?

100%. I think that one of the best things you can strive to do is gain a better awareness of your body and how it’s working. I think my understanding of my cycle length was so off before and I used to really worry about my reproductive health in this respect. Now I see that it’s actually quite consistent, just longer than average. Further I think it’s really important that women who want to make a change are able to move over to another method of contraception that they feel they can trust completely. Natural Cycles really did this for me, giving me a lot of reassurance that my chosen contraceptive method was effective, non-invasive and reliable. It’s also such a hassle-free method: there are no consequences if you forget to measure your temperature. With Natural Cycles you can just look at the app and know that you can trust it. Lastly, I think that it’s amazing that when you want to get pregnant, your contraception actually works for you immediately – using months or even years of data to give you the best chance at conceiving.

Thanks Tara for sharing your story! We love hearing your stories, everyone is unique and an inspiration for other women to get to know their bodies with Natural Cycles too – so go ahead and share your Natural Cycles story with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Your Natural Cycles team





Meet a Cycler – Sandra

Our Cyclers send their love and support to us everyday, this time round 24 year old Sandra reached out to us to tell us about her journey as a Cycler.

“I have used NC for 1.5 years and I’ve really enjoyed it! The best part is that I feel free. I have full control of my cycle (which I certainly did not have before). I can easily see when I have my green and red days, so that my boyfriend and I know when we need use protection, and my period will 9/10 times come on the exact day the app shows which makes it easier to plan.

I can really recommend Natural Cycles to all the girls out there. Single or not, young or old, to those who do not want to become pregnant and to those who are planning to have children. I believe that with Natural Cycles you enjoy a better and more natural life. You can’t refuse that offer, right? :)”

Sandra is a Pro Cycler and wants to become a Star Cycler, help her out by signing up with her link here. Or if you’re interested in becoming one, check out this blogpost about how to become a Star Cycler.


Do you want to share your Natural Cycles story with us? Let us know!

All the best,

The Natural Cycles Team

The best time to get started is now.

Just before the New Year hits we often make resolutions for the upcoming year. The best time for new beginnings is now, and a small habit can make a big change.

When using Natural Cycles you will not only know your most fertile days, you will also know more about your health, mood and energy levels which will help you plan your new year better and get in touch with your body.

Learn more about few Cyclers and their experiences with Natural Cycles:


Since the envelope with the thermometer and a the nice purple booklet dropped into my mail box, I felt like Natural Cycles has been a safe choice. You have always responded carefully and thoughtfully to all the questions that I had – I’m sure many other women can relate. I like that you continuously send out emails with information concerning so much helpful knowledge about our bodies and measuring temperature. This is something I haven’t experienced before. You really do a great job and I really wish more women find you so they can have my experience.

Emilia, Sweden.








When I found Natural Cycles on Pinterest, I was really happy to have found a method that suited me. I like Natural Cycles because it is natural and it makes me learn a lot about my body.”

Anne-Charlotte France.







I really wanted to get pregnant a long time. My partner and I had tried for almost 1,5 years. Then I got pregnant after 6 months of using NC! What I like the most about it is that the algorithm can calculate everything even though my cycle is irregular. I also really like the personalized messages you get.

Josefina, Sweden.








I started with Natural Cycles because I didn’t know when I had ovulation and since we wanted a second baby, this seemed like the best way to get to know my body. I like NC because it is so precise and helped me find my fertile days each month. For example, I never tested positive for LH tests before since I’ve tested the wrong days.





If you feel inspired to make a New Year’s resolution to get to know your body and cycle, give Natural Cycles a try.

Thank you Cyclers.

Now that 2016 is coming to a close, it’s time to reflect, think back and plan what we want to achieve next year.

It has been a big year for Natural Cycles. We’ve accomplished several milestones and have battled the occasional hurdle along the way. Closing an important investment round allowed us to further expand the team and we’ve published another clinical study on the effectiveness of Natural Cycles. We’re also beyond proud that our CTO and co-founder Elina Berglund was chosen as one of the most influential and impactful individuals in the Nordic technology and startup scene, and Natural Cycles being announced as one of the top 10 apps in the App Store for 2016.

Women’s health is our number one priority and we believe that pushing for progression in this field is extremely important. We’d like to thank every single one of you for being a part of Natural Cycles, by contributing and helping us to become a better company every day.

We’re extremely excited for the upcoming new year and to see what challenges it brings.
Thank you and happy holidays!

Meet a Cycler – Fiona from the U.K.

Daily we hear from Cyclers all over the world. This time Fiona reached out to us! She is one of our Pro Cyclers and she told us her Natural Cycles story.

“I have been using Natural Cycles for 7 months now and feel better than ever in the past years. 

I also love being able to keep track of my cycle, it helps me plan ahead and I always know what to expect. As a lawyer, I live a busy and sometimes stressful lifestyle. Tracking my temperature each morning is simple and has become a part of my daily routine.

I’m also very happy that I will be able to track my fertility when I want to start a family at some stage in the future. Thank you for making all of this possible!


Thank you Fiona for sharing your story with us if you want to share your Cycler story with us you can do it here.






All the best
The Natural Cycles Team

Thank you Cyclers!

Natural Cycles has reached 7000 followers on Instagram. We’re beyond grateful to have you by our side. Thank you all for being a part of the Cyclers community!

To celebrate, we have a special offer happening in our Natural Cycles webshop. Use the promo code NC7INSTA to get 20% off on all products. In the webshop you will find ovulation testsbasal body thermometers as well  gift box containing 1 basal thermometer + 6 month subscription.


The offer is running until Sunday the 13th of November, so be quick and stock up for the upcoming months.


/The Natural Cycles Team





Meet a Cycler – Sofie from Stockholm

First of all – thank you guys for sharing your stories with us. We’re always happy to hear from you and hear your experiences with Natural Cycles, wherever in the world you are!

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This month we had the chance to interview Sofie. She has been a Cycler for almost a year and loves it! Please watch the full story below.

Also here are other happy Cyclers that reached out to us:


Alessa (Private pic)

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Meet a Cycler – Mariví

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