The new ovulation pictogram

With the release of the 2.0 version of our app we made a lot of visual changes. The reasons for these are plentiful, one of them is that we want to be more educational. Our goal is that our cyclers will learn more about their body from using the application. This will become even more apparent in future releases but a very clear example is the design of the new ovulation pictogram.

The ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovaries, so the obvious symbol to represent this is an egg. But not any egg, the human egg. Let it be known that the human egg—or ovum—does not look anything like a chicken egg, nor a grain of rice. To make it simple, the ovum is and looks like a cell. A roundish shape, approximately 0.12 mm in diameter, consisting of—among other things—an outer membrane and a nucleus. This is what the new ovulation pictogram depicts. You can see a picture of a real ovum below along with our previous and new pictogram. Note that a pictogram is intended to work in black and white, in small sizes and to be clearly visible even if viewed at a distance.

We are hopeful that our new pictogram will remind and/or educate cyclers and their partners on what the ovum is. Even in its simplified appearance. 


What a week!

This has been a hectic, but great week for NaturalCycles. On Monday our online article in Veckans Affärer and our printed article in Entrepenör came out. On Tuesday afternoon we found out that we’ve helped Blondinbella plan her second pregnancy – congratulations!!! On Tuesday evening I pitched in leWeb’s Start-up tour in Stockholm together with 7 other promising Start-ups in front of a jury of VCs and CEOs. To my great surprise I won and we are now “Sweden’s hottest Start-up”! NaturalCycles will therefore get to pitch in Paris in December. That will be really exciting!


NaturalCycles winning leWeb's pitching competition

NaturalCycles winning leWeb’s pitching competition in Stockholm


On Wednesday our new Communications Director Eliza Hazlerigg (@elizahazlerigg) joined our team. She will work on spreading the word of NaturalCycles abroad, especially in the UK where she’s from. The UK might be a little bit tricky as a market for NaturalCycles as other contraceptives are subsidised by the government, but we think women will want to use NaturalCycles anyway due to the benefits of staying healthy and natural.

On Thursday we came out with a press release in Swedish on MyNewsDesk.

On Saturday you can meet us at the children’s exposition Underbara barn. We will bring Alba with us and look for potential partners for NaturalCycles. I’m curious to see who and what is there at the fair, since I’ve never been to one about children before.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I will try to do the same, as I have a feeling next week will be just as busy. We will for instance fly to Copenhagen next Friday to meet with some potential investors.



NaturalCycles selected as one of Sweden’s eight hottest startups

We are happy to announce that we have been selected as one of Sweden’s eight hottest startups! As a result, we have been invited to pitch at the LeWeb Startup Competition in Stockholm, which will take place on September 30th. The winner of this competition will go to the conference LeWeb’14 in Paris on December 9-11. Wish us luck!

LeWeb is Europe’s largest international conference for digital innovation, and is visited by thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and other tech enthusiasts. It would great for NaturalCycles to go there and meet interesting people and potential business partners.

If you happen to be in Stockholm, you can RSVP here. The event will actually take place at our office in the SUP46 meeting and co-working space at Regeringsgatan 29. The event starts at 5:00 PM and will close at 10:00.

See you there!


Mentor for Stockholm Startup Weekend

This weekend I was a mentor for the Stockholm Startup Weekend, health and fitness addition.

There people got together to work on startup ideas during 54 hours. I heard a lot of great new ideas there and met people excited to do something new and make a difference. Many of the ideas concerned Quantified Self apps, which is also what NaturalCycles is doing. I really do believe that this is the future. We are monitoring our physical and mental health more and more and can then make more wise decisions when it comes to what to put in our bodies, when and how to exercise and of course, when and how to make love 😉 What an inspiring weekend for me!


Elina Berglund at Stockholm Startup Weekend

Elina mentoring at Stockholm Startup Weekend


Let’s talk about sperm survival

You need two things to get pregnant: one egg and one sperm. That’s it.

Natural Cycles is the number one app when it comes to finding your correct ovulation day. This is the day when your egg is released from your ovary and the only day when you actually can get pregnant. We carefully monitor your temperature fluctuations and hormone concentrations throughout your menstrual cycle in order to determine when ovulation occurs. Since an egg survives between 12 and 24 hours, we can rapidly give you green days for the rest of your cycle. But how do we handle sperm survival?

To get pregnant, you only need one egg and one sperm

To get pregnant, you only need one egg and one sperm

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Vi välkomnar Blondinbella till NaturalCycles

Vi välkomnar Isabella Löwengrip (Blondinbella) till NaturalCycles. Sveriges största bloggare använder NaturalCycles som preventivmedel. Aldrig mer p-piller!

Igår skrev Blondinbella på sin blogg att hon använder NaturalCycles som preventivmedel. Eftersom hon inte vill ta hormoner eller sätta in en spiral så har hon sedan länge letat efter ett bättre alternativ.


blondinbella använder NaturalCycles

Blondinbella skriver om att hon använder NaturalCycles på sin blogg

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Optimized algorithm = more green days!

Exciting news! NaturalCycles has further optimized the algorithm with all the awesome new data streaming in on a daily basis.

Thanks to more than 40 000 days of collected data we are now giving 10% more green while remaining 99.9% safe. You can now see the new results in both your fertility history and the predicted red and green days.

Check it out in your app (AppStore / GooglePlay) or on your MyCycles page.


Optimized algorithm